Corporate and Security Agency Procurement

All over the world, Patrol Store has been helping businesses large and small find the right kit and equipment that has the quality they want at the price they need. Thanks to our relationships with manufactures and our ability to develop kit from the ground up, we are able to be the single point of contact for all your purchasing needs.

Not only can we source high quality kit and equipment from premium brands all over the world, but our relationships with some of the top manufactures means we can often get it at a better price than anywhere else.

We also have many products in stock that are ready to move out at a moment's notice - so they can be with you quicker than you think. We've even secured some exclusive brands that cannot be found anywhere else.

Going Further Than Anyone Else

We can take your needs one step further by working alongside yourselves to design, develop or even re-develop existing products out there to match your requirements and budget exactly.

Our quality checking procedure means that all our products, both ones designed and developed by us and also sourced from other manufactures, are checked by our staff and the suppliers to ensure premium quality on delivery.

Tailored Service

Whether you are a team leader, a devolved budget head or a procurement manager, we can help make purchasing easy. We will give you a single point of contact and can quote prices tailored to your company and budget.

Get In Touch

Contact us today and see what we can do for you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, offer solutions to your product needs and give quotes.

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