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Op. Zulu Tatical Equipment

Op. Zulu Tatical Equipment

PatrolStore are proud to be the Exclusive UK Distributor of Op. Zulu.

Op. Zulu was established in 2010 by a specialist team of serving and ex police officers and experienced product developers the aim was to overcome the inherent problems with existing products and fulfil the needs of police and security operatives.

Op. Zulu recognised the Issues faced by Officers and operatives constantly trying to balance quality and economic restraints when purchasing tactical equipment. They set out to provide a range of high quality low cost equipment that offered the quality of the premium brands in the market.

Op. Zulu is currently being used by a number of Police and emergency services throughout Europe and is slowly becoming the brand of choice for Operatives looking for Quality products that are fit for purpose.

Op Zulu Offers;
  • Slash Resistant Gloves
  • Tactical Torches
  • Duty Kit Bags
  • Belt Kit and Pouches
  • Radio Earpieces
  • Needle Resistant Gloves
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